About Us

Commitment to lighting solutions

Star Energy Management was founded by Robert Allan Birkholz, a licensed C-10 electrician with a commitment to customer service and satisfaction.  Our goal is to offer clients full service evaluation, design, installation and service at a competitive price.  We are committed to using proven technologies that are cutting edge.  We take pride in the relationships that we establish and maintain with our client base.

The founder, Robert Allan Birkholz has been in the energy efficiency business since 1993 and has experience in all aspects of the lighting industry.  His projects have ranged from small retail space to very large industrial and commercial facilities.  Allan has personally been involved in negotiating private sector agreements with Walgreens, Mervyns, Radio Shack, Family Bargain Centers, Target, Byer California and Formica Corporation.  Allan has also established numerous public sector relationships such as: City of Chico, County of Tehama, City of Solano Beach, Long Beach Unified, Moreno Valley Unified, Fresno Unified, San Francisco Unified and many more.

Today, Star Energy Management is recognized as a high-quality, multi-purpose provider of energy products and services.  Star Energy Management’s mission is to stay close to the needs of its customers. This is achieved by focusing on superior service and quality products.  By concentrating on these goals, Star Energy Management will continue to provide its customers with superior products and services.

PG&E Awards:

  • 2011 Top Performer – Total Kilowatt Hours Saved
  • 2011 Outstanding Achievement for Medical Facilities