Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls are an important part of an energy efficient building. They help to minimize human error by controlling the lighting so that the lights are on only when needed.

  • EMS or BMS (Energy Management Systems or Building Management Systems)
  • Computerized or Timer Control Systems – Controls (per-circuit basis) either by timer or computer software – good option for an office or store with set operating hours
  • Infrared Lighting Control Sensors – Uses human body heat to detect movement – good for private offices with no windows and areas with high ceilings
  • Ultrasonic Control Sensors – Movement sends a return wave and triggers the light to turn on – good for open spaces and restrooms
  • Dual-Technology Control Sensors – Uses both Infrared and Ultrasonic – good for large offices, classrooms and conference rooms
  • Dimming Control Systems – Allows users to adjust lighting levels based on their need – good for offices that have windows

No matter what type of space that you have, we can find a lighting control to help reduce your energy consumption.